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Giovanni™ Image Watermark DEMO


The most versatile means of securely encoding information into a signal, this is the non-commercial release of the Giovanni still image digital watermark system. Blue Spike is the first company to offer secure digital watermarking solutions for both still images and audio!

File format conversions are performed using ImageMagick's "convert" program. At this time, we have chosen to maintain a clean separation of this core algorithm, in GiovanniImage.exe, from the GPL'd ImageMagick code. It is Blue Spike's understanding that GPL is enforced only at the process level. Since GiovanniImage.exe has no references to ImageMagick in any way, it remains a proprietary program. GioImgShell.exe only spawns processes that call convert.exe, so it too can remain proprietary. If we were to allow GioImgShell.exe to use ImageMagick libraries, it would have to be GPL'd (open source).

Full source to ImageMagick is available upon request, or from:

ImageMagick supports about 200 common (and not-so-common) image file formats. However, support of formats using LZW encoding and/or GIF require licensing.


The Blue Spike Engineering Team

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Giovanni can incorporate any watermarking CODEC by virtue of proprietary intellectual property. One significant difference is the use of watermarking keys to perform both encode and decode operations as well as authentication of the file and/or the embedded message. With the varying nature of signal processing, Giovanni proves to be invaluable in incorporating multiple CODECs.

Unlike other watermarking applications, there is no need for the original unwatermarked content to be used to decode messages in the watermarked file. Accessibility of the original unwatermarked file makes genuine watermarking security virtually impossible. What is readily apparent in certain applications, is the need for Giovanni's proprietary use of message delimiters and the inclusion of "special one-way functions" (eg, "a hash function") make watermarks indisputably unique, by cryptographic parameters.

We also believe that such applications as "StirMark", which does a simultaneous crop, scale and rotation of the watermarked image as a test of watermark robustness, need to be utilized in benchmarking watermark technology. We caution that for commercially-viable images, close inspection of both the original, watermarked and StirMark-ed images will yield lots of important information as to expectations for digital watermark security. Giovanni utilizes side information in certain application to remove the stricter requirements for robustness while enabling truly secure and informed detection and decoding operations.

For more detailed information on digital watermarking and applied security management technologies, please see:

Of additional interest is "So this is Convergence?" -- the first white paper covering secure digital watermarking.

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