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Licensing Terms and Conditions for Giovanni Watermarking Software

Licensing Terms and Conditions for Giovanni Watermarking Software is use-specific as well as media-specific. Licenses for other technologies including software watermarking, trusted transaction server, and other applied security engagements are welcome.

Initially, Blue Spike, Inc. charges a site license fee. That covers the software package itself, which is used either for encoding and decoding watermarks or scrambling and descrambling content. That fee covers roll-out support and one year of upgrades (when issued) and on-going support.

Moving forward, the terms of the license also stipulate a small percentage royalty on net unit sales of Giovanni-conditioned content, the most relevant element of the overall licensing structure for active vendors and distributors.

Giovanni is an enabling technology, and for our clients, the lynch-pin of a larger custody infrastructure, enabling electronic exchange, monitoring and auditing of content. The pricing therefore is based on a rate scheme that reflects the charges obtained by transactions providers, rights agencies, ubiquitous noise reduction royalties, and the patent royalties paid to inventors of the compact disc.

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