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30 Oct


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The Company's extensive patent estate includes the following issued United States and International Patents. This listing should not be relied upon as being complete. Additional pending patents relate to bandwidth pricing and securitization instruments, signal fingerprints and abstracts, signal analysis and monitoring, scrambling and chaffing, forensic watermarks, software watermarks and obfuscation techniques, keyed-content, file manipulation, secure personal content servers, packet watermarks and network traceability schemes, network watermark and forensics, data reduction applied to security, bandwidth payment systems, content management and monetization, nanotechnology, telemetry, and trusted transactions. This listing was last updated in July 2, 2013 though it will be expanding, given the number of filings - some dozens at this time - that are pending. Some citations from this page are hyper-linked to the patent server at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Visit Delphion for more information on intellectual property innovations.

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